Big black shape exerciseIn frustration, I loudly exclaimed, “I hate this!”.  Then I noticed the left side of the painting wasn’t too bad and if I cropped it…

In order to kick start myself I signed up for an online workshop from Betsy Dillard Stroud offered by ArtistsNetwork University.  I had not taken a workshop online before and I wanted to see if it was worth it.  I am on my second assignment and, like the first, it has been challenging, which is good.

When I find an assignment challenging I feel as though I am learning something; I am moving into unknown territory.  And frustration give me a chance to make a break through.  With frustration I am give the opportunity to give up or keep going.  To keep trying, to experiment, to take chances.  The painting doesn’t always turn out, but the lessons learned are are the real reward.

The workshop, ‘Painting Abstraction and Abstract Realism with Acrylics’, is 4 sessions; each session is a week long.  Assignments are due on Friday.  ArtistsNetwork University uses Blackboard to post and distribute course materials and assignments.  There is a critique blog for students to post work and have each other comment.  There is a message board for class discussions.  You may communicate to the instructor in a private blog.  You can scan or photograph your assignment and submit it for grading and the instructor writes a critique of your work.




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