Fountain Pens

IMG_5326When I think of fountain pens it takes me back to my childhood and my parents’ fountain pens. While I use black for drawing, my parents’ pens used blue ink for writing. There was always a fascination for me, the elegant case, the stylish point, the beautifully written script, in blue ink on writing paper, the old fashioned, thin but sturdy writing paper, slightly translucent. A lever on the side of the pen used to refill the pen with ink, part of the writing ritual.

In drawing class we used a dip pen; it has a tip like a fountain pen but no reservoir for the ink.  There was always some tension for me, a slight worry about when the pen would run out of ink.

I am a favorite pen type of person.  I tried Micron pens which ran out of ink too fast and ball point pens which leaked globs of ink on my drawings. I never imaged it would be so easy to draw and write with a fountain pen.  My new favorite pen.


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