R  E  I  K  O    M  I  C  H  I  S  A  K  I

About the artist behind ReikoArt, Reiko Michisaki
To each we turn a different face of the prism
Lawrence Durrel The Alexandria Quartet

What’s the story?

I feel as though I am always striving to figure things out,  to understand, to see things as a story.

Stories begin to emerge when I create art.  Thoughts and ideas linger, retold as myths in images.


Hand1_w_wmSometimes words are not enough.  I began my art career in an accidental way.  Unable to communicate with my therapist, we began a dialogue in pictures.   Feelings I could not put into words were expressed in collages.  Art became a language.

In 2009 I had the privilege to have a solo exhibit of 17 years of art therapy collages.  At the same time I was included in the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History exhibit “Assemblage, Collage, and Construction”.


I am enamored with the idea of weaving a tale together through color and image.  Sometimes I’m not conscious of the story I’m telling.  With some of my collages, it took me years to understand the meaning.  And I love that, there’s a richness in it. I create pictorial tales that are thought provoking and inspire reflection; stories that live within and resonate with the viewer.

There be dragons, watercolor, art, dream, storyDragons in the sky is a chapter from my ebook “Four Dreams”; dreams turned into stories turned into art.
Excerpt: “- the sky is dusky. Looking up I can see translucent creatures beginning to take form.  They look like Chinese dragons. ”  Sign up for a free copy of this chapter.

Fine art, artwork on canvas, romantic landscape, historic painting, contemporary art
Reiko Michisaki is an artist from Santa Cruz, California. Fine Art, Abstract art, Figure Drawing, watercolor, painting

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