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Art podcasts & videos

The internet is a wonderful thing.  It is beginning to push conventional broadcasting out of top position for our attention.  Frequently, in the evening, instead of watching TV, I watch art videos or listen to art podcasts.  I find it relaxing to watch other people paint.  Or when I’m working online, I like to listen to people talk about art.  It’s amazing what you can find out there.


TEDx_1Not long ago, I stumbled across the TEDx talks on YouTube.  TEDx is an offshoot of the TED talks whose mission is, “ideas worth spreading.” Independently organized, TED like talks in local communities.  Recently I watched and enjoyed “The Woo Woo in Art: Marshall Arisman at TEDxChelsea“.  Marshall Arisman is an incredible artist and wonderful story teller.

National Gallery of Art

cover100x100The National Gallery has a collection of videos and podcasts that are freely available.  The podcasts are recordings of lectures given at the gallery.  Though the quality of some of the podcasts is not very good.  Audience questions and comments cannot be heard  Also if the artist is giving a slide presentation, as is frequently done, we, the listener have no idea about what they are speaking.  That being said, listening to the NGA podcasts, one can get a glimpse of the artist and the podcasts are numerous.

JCCSF Arts and Ideas

140522AI_AdletsSupport_v5dbA delightful podcast of Wayne Thiebaud from the JCCSF program, Arts & Ideas.  Wayne Thiebaud is a Bay Area artist, whose iconic pie paintings have become famous around the world.