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Found Art Project II

Found Art Mandala

Found Art Mandala

For me, finding the ‘found objects’ is the fun part, assembling the pieces is harder.   Lynn declines the class field trip to the ‘Last Chance Mercantile’, “I have too much stuff already”.   LL. not only has a storage container, but also an airplane hangar.  Found objects have crowded me out of my studio.  It’s time to put that potential  to use.

Beverly Rayner, our instructor, is a fount of knowledge; she shares with us her years of trial and error with glues, paints, nuts, bolts, wire, welding, etc.  In a previous post I shared my project proposal.  The sticking point in the proposal was how to put together the rusted elements without changing the patina.  Steve recommends epoxy, which is what I end up using.  Epoxy comes not only in a 2 part liquid form but also in solid form which solved one of my major problems, attaching the heavy gear.

Side view

The finished found object mandala turned out very close to my original idea.  Along the way new ideas appear to create a solid and pleasing piece.  Circular shapes dominate the piece, creating a simple aesthetic.  The repetition of the circle reinforces the idea of the wholeness. Smaller pieces in the outer circle, composed of copper, verdigris, rust, nuts, gears, and natural wood, create variety and break up the monotony, while at the same time echoing the theme.

The patina of the rust was maintained and augment with a wonderful verdigris.  The color scheme is limited to natural tones set by the patinas, the rust and the copper green verdigris.  A simple wood frame supports the mandala.  The top border gives the piece a feeling of a gate.  The finished piece will be set in concrete and installed outdoors.

Mixing it Up is an art workshop with mixed media artist Beverly Rayner.