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Art Stories: Marine indicator species

Art & Science

I lead a dual life.  By day I am a science researcher.  But I am also an artist.  My art friends want to know, when do I have the time to work?  During lunch, after work, on the weekends, and when I have insomnia, I think about art, I dream about art.

Sometimes I am able to combine my research work and my art.

Marine Biodiversity

Currently I’m involved in a collaborative project to study  marine biodiversity in Monterey Bay, California.  Marine biodiversity is a key indicator of ocean health and can give us an integrated picture of what is happening in the ocean.  These studies will provide marine resource managers and policymakers with tools to address threats ranging from invasive species to climate change.

Marine Indicator Species

One of the marine indicator species proposed is krill.  Krill are near the bottom of the oceanic food chain and are therefore very important to marine life.  Krill are very small crustaceans.  They are the main food source for some species of whales, and also for fish, penguins, seals, and squid, among many other ocean wild life.

The krill population in the world’s ocean becomes critical not only for marine wild life but also for people, more than 3.5 billion people depend on the ocean for food.

The ocean is life.

ReikoArt Shop

The Marine Series will soon be available for sale.  Art prints with mats will be available from my web store.  Also I’ll be working with a third party vendor to provide Fine Art Giclees.  If you are interested please sign up for my newsletters or drop me an email.

TBT: Home Mandala

 Home mandala.

The images in my home mandala are symbols.  What are your images of “Home”?  What do your symbols mean?


TBT The Blue Door

Throw Back Thursday, TBT The Blue Door.  Mixed Media Collage.

Mixed Media, collage, Running Geisha, The Blue Door, art, acrylic, TBT